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DMX Manager Purpose

DMX Manager is a complex which consists of the DMX-controller connected to a computer and the software.

The complex meant for controlling the lighting fixture (scanners, heads, strobe, dimmers, fog-machines etc) by DMX-512 protocol. Distinctive feature of this system is the complex approach of the software and the hardware development. It reaches compatibility and support of all given functions of protokol (unlike universal software which correctly operates only well-defined type of the controller).

One more feature is a intuitively clear interface of program DMX Manager.

Thru development of the complex the attention was given the specification of DMX-512 protokol and recommendations concerning its application, than the opportunity of management on all 512 channels is reached. Thus it is not put forward rigid requirements to a configuration of a computer and operational system.

The advantages of the DMX Manager in comparison with non-computer DMX-controllers, simplicity of management of light devices, more simple creation of scenes and shows, greater functionality, and also memory capacity.

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